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Are You Saving Enough For Roof Repairs?

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 by David Jones

Saving for a rainy day may seem like a bore, but when you’re in need of the best roof repairs Manchester has to offer, you’ll be glad to have put some money aside. But just how much should you be saving as a contingency for problems with your home?

According to AOL, experts in housing say that homeowners should be thinking sensibly when it comes to home repairs and ideally should be trying to save around one per cent a year to use for when unexpected costs crop up.

With £215,847 now the average house price across the UK, you should expect to be putting aside just over £2,000 each year.

A survey carried out by roofing specialists found that homeowners are saving a lot less than they should be, with most saving on average around £1,438.98, falling short by £719 on the ideal one per cent.

This in turn means many of us don’t have enough funds to pay for repairs when they crop up and have to use credit cards to cover costs. The worst offenders in the UK for not having saved the correct amount as a safety net when needed are those in Greater London who save £3,288 less than budgeted. Likewise the South East saves £1,947 less than the ideal amount.

The survey also showed that over half of homeowners in the UK will opt for a newly built house, giving the peace of mind that nothing major will go wrong and find this the safer option when purchasing a property. People also over worry about failings such as electrics and don’t tend to consider issues such as drain repairs which can crop up quite often.