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Private Renters ‘Not Pushing For Home Repairs’

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by David Jones

If you rent privately and there’s something wrong with your house, don’t be afraid to get in touch with your landlord immediately to arrange repairs.

It would seem, however, that the fear of eviction is putting some renters off from contacting their landlord to resolve issues, with 57 per cent saying they didn’t want to be forceful because they were worried they would be kicked out of their house.

This is according to new research from Citizens Advice, revealing that 41 per cent of renters have had to wait longer than usual for repairs to be carried out in the last four years. Remember that landlords in the private rented sector are legally required to fix issues in a reasonable time, which is usually a month or less or, for the most serious of cases, 24 hours.

“Homes in poor condition are the most common private rented sector issue people turn to Citizens Advice for help with. Issues such as broken fittings, faulty electricals or leaks can make life hard for renters and can even lead to ill health.

“But renters aren’t pursuing their rights to repair because they are worried their landlord will put up their rent or evict them. To add to this, formal routes to redress aren’t being used either because they’re too difficult and expensive,” chief executive of Citizens Advice Gillian Guy said.

Your landlord is responsible for the majority of major homes if you do rent privately, including the structure of the property such as the roof, walls, doors and windows.

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