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Now’s The Time To Check Your Roof

Posted on Jul 20, 2016 by David Jones

Keeping an eye on the condition of your roof is essential for homeowners. Repairs can become costly if you don’t keep on top of it so as soon as you notice a problem, however small, make sure you call out Manchester experts in roof maintenance to help you sort it all out.

The summer months are actually perfect for giving your roof the once over. You can check it yourself (if you’re careful), looking out for loose or broken tiles that could become problematic later in the year. If you notice any holes or severe weathering, you’ll need to call out an experienced roofing team so they can take a closer look.

You certainly don’t want to wait until winter before having your roof checked out. The weather is obviously worse at that time of year and it could be too late if you start having a look in September or October. Chances of rain and strong winds are higher, which could see leaks springing up in your roof – so do yourself a favour and head up onto the roof while the sun is shining down.

You’d also be wise to check your gutters to make sure they’re in good working order as well. The closer to autumn we get the more important it is to ensure that your gutters are kept clear of leaves and other debris so you know water will flow correctly when it rains.

Give us a call here at Central Roofers if you’d like further advice on what to do to keep your roof in excellent condition.