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Hot Weather & Your Roof

Posted on Aug 3, 2016 by David Jones

In the UK, we’re not really all that used to extremes of temperature but weather forecasters are now saying that we can expect something of a heatwave in a few weeks’ time, so homeowners might want to check that their roofs can handle a rise in the mercury.

Shingled roofs can actually suffer quite a bit of damage because of the hot summer sun. For example, you might start spotting cracks, discolouration or even curling on the shingles, so it’s important to try and keep your attic well ventilated to help protect your roof.

Good ventilation upstairs is one of the best ways of preventing heat from building up inside your house. A build-up of heat can easily warp the wood your roof is made of but if you have the inside of your roof well ventilated, heat can move around the attic easier. You may still see a few damaged shingles regardless but it’s a much easier fix than having to sort out your roof deck, believe us!

It’s vital that you inspect your roof regularly so that you can spot potential problems before they become insurmountable – and very expensive to repair. It’s also better to tackle such problems now rather than wait until the winter, when you might start seeing water coming down through the ceiling because you left the cracks to develop over the summer.

In fact, you might well see these leaks appear over the next month or two as, even though a heatwave is being predicted, it’s also likely to bring with it thunderstorms and lightning… so it’s best to be prepared.

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