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‘Majority’ Put Off DIY Until Later

Posted on Jul 27, 2016 by David Jones

Maintaining your property can take up a lot of your time, which is why it is not a surprise many people put off these tasks until a later date.

According to a survey carried out by Standard Life Savings, 86 per cent of people put DIY on their ‘I’ll do it later’ list of chores.

This is followed by gardening, with 82 per cent of people putting this off until a later date.

That is why many households instead opt for getting professionals to take care of their home maintenance, such as calling Manchester experts in roof repairs, so they can get work done without having to do it themselves.

It is not just household tasks that homeowners procrastinate with, but their financial planning as well, with 64 per cent avoiding checking their pension, 62 per cent not looking at their loans and 59 per cent forgetting to review their mortgage deals.

Jamie Jenkins from Standard Life said: “Thinking about future savings may seem like an effort, but just like the weeds in your garden or that shelf you’ve been meaning to fix – the earlier you get it sorted, the better your savings will look.”

While it might seem more important to prioritise financial planning than house maintenance, this could be short-sighted. By not looking after your property properly, you might end up with steeper costs in the future.

For instance, if you do not get simple repairs on your roof when you need to, you may have to shell out for an entire new roof due to continuous wear and tear.

One thing you should not put at the bottom of your ‘I’ll do it later’ list is, therefore, checking your roof from time to time. Use the summer months to look for broken tiles that you can get replaced before the harsh winter weather kicks in.

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