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Roof Surveying

Central Roofers offer a range of modern roof surveying methods to provide accurate and cost effective solutions to repair your roof.

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Infrared Inspections of your Roof

We can also conduct an infrared inspection of your roof to identify any cold spots in the roof that may require works to improve the thermal efficiency of your property, or identify areas where water has penetrated the roof membrane and entered into the door insulation and structure.

You can read more about our infrared inspections here.

Drone Inspections

If you have a roof which is inaccessible without scaffold or cherry pickers, we have CAA commercially qualified drone operatives who can take the photography required to survey your roof and conduct an initial survey of your roof without the use of access equipment.

You can read more about our drone inspections here.

Electronic Leak Detection

If you have a defect in your flat roof and a visual inspection is not sufficient to identify the issue, Central Roofers can also provide an Electronic Leak Detection test. This is a non-invasive test that identifies any weak points in the roof where water may be entering the building. You’ll be provided with a full report which categorically identifies any pinholes or weak points in the roof.

You can read more about our electronic leak detection here.

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