Lead work

Lead has been a popular roofing material for centuries, and it’s easy to see why its appeal has endured. Renowned for its durability, this material offers strength, timeless style and expert quality for roof flashings, dormers, flexislates and much more.

Lead is also among the most environmentally friendly materials on the market, because its resistance to corrosion ensures lead sheet will outlast any alternatives. Using lead in roofing is typically more expensive than other materials, but the longevity and environmental benefits make our lead roofing services superb value for money.

With over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, the Central Roofers team are incredibly skilled in carrying out manual roofing work. Equally important, our experts are extremely knowledgeable, precise and refined in the work they produce – from detailed project management to ensuring your lead work will retain its strength and lustre.

Whether you want simple roof work like roof penetrations, or something more complex – such as work on spires, parapets or dormer windows – we’ve got you covered. As Manchester’s lead roofing specialists, we can meet your lead work needs, however specific or complex.

From ladders to scaffolding, all our roofers provide and use their own roofing equipment. This saves you an extra cost and the tiresome task of finding an available company to pay for access equipment.

All of our staff are also experts in repairs, maintenance and partial or full replacements of your existing lead work.

For unparalleled workmanship at unbeatable prices, contact Central Roofing today.


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