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Top Tips For Roof Repairs On Listed Buildings

Posted on Jun 27, 2017 by David Jones

Living in a listed building is appealing for many reasons (a sense of purchasing a piece of history, unique properties that have their own stories to tell and so on), but it’s important to remember that it can be much harder work than living in a more contemporary house.

When it comes to the roof, which will surely need repairing or replacing at some point down the line, it’s likely that you’ll need to have consent in place before making changes to the covering. Building regulation approval may also be required so make sure you check this before starting any work.

Replacing a roof entirely is both disruptive and costly, and you could also do damage to the property itself as the job takes place so you need to ensure the work is both effective and necessary. You could, for example, create damp in the house if the work isn’t up to scratch.

The structure of the roof, meanwhile, is a very important feature in a lot of older houses – even if you can’t see it. You should always try to keep the existing structure of the roof and if you can avoid replacing the original roof timbers. These can be repaired if they’ve been damaged.

You should always seek advice from a good surveyor or architect that has experience of working with older buildings so you can avoid pitfalls and spending money unnecessarily. Living in a listed building can be really rewarding but you should always bear in mind that you’re likely to need approval for most of the changes you want to make to the house.

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