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Which Animals Could Cause Roof Damage?

Posted on Aug 25, 2017 by David Jones

When you think of roof damage at your home, you’d probably expect a big storm to be the most likely cause of issues, with high winds and heavy rain often the things that lead to you needing to pay for roof repairs in Manchester.

But these aren’t the only dangers to your roofs, with a couple of recent stories highlighting the problems that animals can cause.

Squirrels are found all over the UK and can be tricky little critters when it comes to roofs, as one church in Oxford recently discovered. The Oxford Mail revealed that All Saints church in Didcot had to fork out £37,000 to replace all of its cedar shingle tiles after grey squirrels ate through them.

The rodents caused significant damage, leaving big holes around the spine of the roof, according to reverend Karen Beck. Squirrels can be persistent if they decide they want to have access to your roof or loft area, so if you notice these creatures are setting up camp in your attic, get the problem seen to quickly.

Another creature that’s recently caused damage to a roof is seagulls. They’re well known for nesting around chimney pots, but the BBC revealed that Carlisle’s train station had a different problem.

The glass roof panes had to be replaced after seagulls damaged them by repeatedly dropping stones on them. Toughened plastic sheets have now replaced the glass panels.

While that’s unlikely to be an issue for most homes, it’s worth being aware of this behaviour if you have any velux windows that could suffer if seagulls drop heavy objects on them.