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Will September Bring Sunshine Or Showers?

Posted on Sep 13, 2017 by David Jones

As a nation, we’re known for being somewhat obsessed by the weather. Given how changeable it can be in the UK, it’s little surprise really, and we’re always trying to work out whether we’re going to be basking in sunshine or hiding from rain in the coming days.

But if you’re hiring roofers in Prestwich in the coming weeks you’ll be more interested than usual in what the weather holds – and sadly according to the Met Office it’s likely to be a bit wet.

Long-range forecasts are notoriously tricky to get right, but the outlook for 13 to 20 September is for rain and showers with “the odd sunny spell”, and the organisation has even warned of hail, thunder and gales in some places.

And if you live in the north-west of England, you should start preparing for wetter and windier weather in the final week of the month. The forecast is described as “changeable”, but with north-western parts of the country “set to see the bulk of the rain and stronger winds”.

If you’re worried about how the autumn and winter weather might affect your property, it’s worth setting aside some money each month to help cover the cost of repairs if any are needed.

Research published by AOL last month suggested that homeowners in the UK are falling short of saving the recommended one per cent of a property’s value to cover the cost of repairs. For the average UK home, that equates to £2,000 a year.