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Young People Seek Parental Help With Repairs

Posted on Aug 1, 2017 by David Jones

We’ll deal with roof damage insurance claims in Manchester, but it is best if you avoid room damage by taking good care of your home.

The way in which people will seek to look after their home varies according to their age, a recent survey by Plentific has shown.

Over half of young people will seek out a YouTube video to look at potential ways to repair a problem compared to just 24 per cent of over 55s. They are also must more likely to look for advice on social media with 28 per cent of 18-34 year olds seeking advice online compared to just one per cent of the over 55s.

Younger people are also much more likely than older people to seek parental advice when faced with a home repair job, with 40 per cent saying they would put in a call to Mum and Dad compared with just one per cent of the over 55s.

This is perhaps not surprising when you consider the fat younger people are more likely to have fit and able parents, and particularly when considered alongside other findings by Plentific that shows 19 per cent of young people have physical help from their parents when carrying out home improvements.

Despite this difference the number of people who would call a friend is fairly similar with 34 per cent of young people saying they would call a friend, similar to the 29 per cent of older people who would call a friend for advice.